Dave & Dot's 25th Anniverary Tour

Week 5 - Charleston, SC to Jacksonville, FL

Thursday, November 1st - I Finally Reach Golf Heaven . . . Alive!

We drove to Hilton Head, SC this morning.

I wanted to say that I had stopped and played a round of golf in one of the most golf course populated places on earth. Once you get on highway 278 heading into Hilton Head, all you see, on both sides of the highway, are private enclaves, country clubs, and golf courses along the entire 13 mile stretch of sand. Abslolutely Awesome!!! I had a chance to play at the Hilton Head’s National course. It is one of the best on the island and is relatively inexpensive when compared to the more popular PGA courses in the area. I was able to take Dot as a ride-along and she enjoyed herself watching me play the duffer. I played with a father-son tandem from Colorado. Shot a 110. Not good but it was a difficult course, created by Gary Player, and if I ever have the opportunity to play there in the future, I know that I will play much better.

(NOTE: I actually played the course for free. I learned several weeks later when my credit card never got charged that the receipts for that day had actually gotten lost . . . I mean, you should be able to play in Heaven . . . for free . . . right?)

We left the course around 4:30pm and cruised into Savannah, GA to have dinner at a little hideaway called Snappers where I enjoyed a decent prime rib and Dot had fried oysters and deviled crab cakes. Of course yours truly had to make a mess, spilling the entire contents of the au jus into my lap. Fortunately Dot went and got a change of clothes for me from the car and I was able to leave appearing clean & prim!

After several miles of bumper to bumper traffic near the Florida border due to construction, we arrived in Jacksonville, FL just before 10pm. Another long day and one night at a Best Western in Jacksonville. No matter because tomorrow we visit the Fountain of Youth!