Dave & Dot's 25th Anniverary Tour

Week 2 - New Orleans, LA to Memphis, TN

Wednesday, October 10th - One Mississippi, Two Mississippi . . .

Today finds us on a long drive to Memphis, TN, through the entire length of the state of Mississippi.

The weather was cloudy & windy all day (I hear a song) with the prediction of rain once we got near Memphis. We left Baton Rouge around 10am and arrived in Memphis around 5pm. A pretty uneventful trip.  A really boring drive!  It was flat and it all looked the same, mile, after mile, after mile.

After stowing our gear at a Homestead Studio Suites Hotel just south of the city, we headed for the downtown area of Memphis. There we discovered Beale St., an eclectic array of buildings from early in Memphis' life and the home of the Blues in America.

In 1909 a talented and gifted musician by the name of W.C. Handy and his band moved to Memphis and established themselves on Beale Street. This move would change the course of music history. Handy wrote many popular tunes, including a campaign song for then Mayoral Candidate E. H. Crump. The song "Mr. Crump" would later be entitled "Memphis Blues" and become huge, and history would go on to view W.C. Handy as the Father of the Blues. Beale Street is not just some ordinary street in the United States. It is perhaps the most important street in the history of blues music!

The sun set as we walked up and down the street and witnessed all the neon signs lighting up. You could even hear the sounds of jazz and blues emanating from the clubs as we strolled by them.

We stopped and ate at Elvis Presley's Memphis restaurant. The menu consists of all of Elvis' favorite foods including the banana & peanut butter sandwich! While there we were entertained by The Dempsey's, a group of 3 men, a drummer, a bass fiddle, and guitar. They were very energetic and versatile in that they could play each others instruments and other one besides. We stayed through their first set thoroughly enjoying the music. We even met someone from Sacramento while we were there. About 10pm we headed for our room.

It had begun to rain by then and didn't let up until late the next day. On our way home, the lightning show was spectacular and even knocked out the power to the city while we were driving, including the lights on the freeway. Pretty scary driving in total darkness!