Dave & Dot's 25th Anniverary Tour

Week 3 - Kansas City, KS

Wednesday, October 17th - Beginning our Search for the McHenry Family . . .

Today we go in search of recent family members who have passed on but are buried here in Kansas City. My Uncle Harold, and Aunt Dorothy are here. This was also the birthplace of my father, Floyd.

Our first stop was the Memorial Park Cemetery (3223 N. 18th St. Kansas City, KS). After help from attendant and lot of searching we found the headstones of my Uncle Gilbert & Aunt Dorothy Williams. We actually found Gilbert's parents Daniel & Susie Williams first. Both stones were completely covered by grass and it took about 15 minutes to uncover and trim each stone so that you could read them. We also asked the attendant if there were any McHenry's interned here and he only found one but it had no information regarding its place in the cemetery. A look in the hand written ledger revealed that Estella McHenry was 94 years old and buried in the Sunset Gardens portion of the cemetery. We had to leave the cemetery we were at and drive through some pretty suspicious neighborhoods to find the Gardens and when we finally found it the gate was locked. Fortunately you could walk around the gate and soon the search was on. I had guessed that Estella might be buried in either section 1 or 2 and began my search by clearing away the grass of each stone I found. After clearing about 15 stones I actually found her and recorded all the information I could find and also the info of the stone next to her so as to help the attendant to correct the information he had on the computer. Turns out that she was not 94 years old but only 72. Hopefully when I get home I will be able to trace her lineage and place her in my family tree. (It turns out that she was not a relative . . . )

Our second stop was across town and into Missouri. After driving for what seemed forever, we finally found the Floral Hills Memorial Gardens (7000 Blue Ridge Blvd., Kansas City, MO)

 Uncle Harold was in the Garden of Time Eternal section plot #400. This cemetery is well kept and nearly every stone had flowers on it. The attendant said that when people put flowers on the site they leave them until the weather takes them away or destroys them. We placed some flowers on Harold's grave took pictures to preserve the moment and left to find a shopping mall.

We first stopped at Union Station and were totally disappointed. Next we searched for Country Club Plaza and found a wonderful 20 block shopping heaven. I think we walked the entire area finally stopping for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (our first time ever) and had a wonderful dinner.