Dave & Dot's 25th Anniverary Tour

Week 3 - Kansas City, KS to Albany, MO

Thursday, October 18th - Venturing into the unknown . . .

Today we drove to Topeka to find my grandparents gravesite. We had a list of 11 cemeteries to search, 3 of which didn't even have names and which we never found. After walking three of the cemeteries’ we decided to head over to the largest in hopes of finding a proprietor who would have some written records of the deceased. So far we hadn’t seen any such person at the one's we had visited. The cemetery we chose was the Topeka Memorial Cemetery and after a short search of the records we found my grandparents, Bert and Goldie McHenry and also their daughter Stella who only lived 2 days. The proprietor gave us copies of the cemetery records which showed us the section, plot, and site of each and we went to find their stones.

After much searching, we failed to find them but discovered the exact place where they are buried. There were no stones and I hope one day to get some placed there. We took pictures of the area, took a GPS reading and then ventured off to the north in search of their parents, my great grandparents.

We eventually ended up in Hiawatha, KS were we assumed that my great-grandparents were buried. By the time we got there it was almost dark and we discovered that there were actually 2 cemeteries (Claytonville & Mt. Hope) in the area. We found the proprietor of the Claytonville cemetery, found that the McHenry's were more than likely buried at Mt. Hope. He was nice enough to give us the name of the proprietor and since it would be closing in just a few minutes we decided to abandon our search and head for the home of Jay and Shelly Cook in Albany, MO. where we would be spending the next 4 days searching for our ancestors.

I had met Shelly online during my family search of the area. She had a pretty good history of the McHenry's here due to the fact that her family, the Henry's and mine intermingled during the 1800's. We arrived at 7:00 pm and Shelly had dinner waiting. We had a wonderful chat, met each of their children, and made plans to visit as many cemeteries as we could . . . and there are a lot of them! I made it a point to contact the proprietor of the second cemetery we weren't able to visit in Hiawatha, KS and they promised to look up the information and mail it back to our Sacramento home.