Dave & Dot's 25th Anniverary Tour

Week 1 - Orlando, Florida

Tuesday, October 2nd - Oh, my achin' body! . . .

Today was the first day we had nothing planned to do. And it was a day that everyone in the group sorely needed. After two full days of Disney World, our bodies were tired and in need of something else to do. Lee and I started our day with a round of golf at the Legends Course, created by Arnold Palmer. It is one of 3 courses here at Orange Lake. It was a mediocre round of 100 which we tied, but enjoyed so much that we set up another tee time for Thursday.

The ladies and Joe went shopping at a flea market in the area and all had a good time, coming back with lots of stuff for family members back home. Melissa came down with a cold and spent the day indoors except for a short hike to a nearby pond. There were two park benches across on the other side of the pond, but when she tried to reach them she was met by several very large spiders and their webs. She finally decided that it as in her best interest NOT to try to pass the webs to reach the benches and she gave and went back to the condo to try and sleep off her cold.

Elizabeth and I chose to visit Typhoon Lagoon for the afternoon. It is one of WDW's two water parks and is built to appear like an island that was hit by a hurricane, the main evidence being a fishing boat impailed on the the islands tallest peak. There are numerous slides, pools and places to just lie in the sun (it was actually cloudy today) and I think we did everything there was to do at least twice, the lazy river three times, and we even tried the wave pool for a few minutes. Snorkeling in the Shark Lagoon (with REAL Sharks!) was the highlight of Liz's day.

Our day ended by going to dinner together, deciding on Italian.