Dave & Dot's 25th Anniverary Tour

Week 3 - Ridgeway, MO

Saturday, October 20th - The Researcher goes home . . .

Today's cemetery tour started at the Ridgeway Cemetery. We met Kathy Barmann a distant cousin who lives just across the border in Iowa, who had come down to meet with us. Almond McHenry, my great-great-grandfather and his wife Mary Rogers are buried here at Ridgeway along with several of William Harrison Henry's family members, most notably Eliza and Ella McHenry, the two eldest daughters of Almond, who married William and produced a total of 15 children for him.

Our visit with Kathy went well. She told us stories of how she had visited Ireland and she produced pictures and lots of documentation regarding the McHenry's. We will be taking a lot of this information home and making copies and sending the originals home to Shelly Cook for her to obtain copies.

The last half of the day I took some time off from cemetery hunting and played golf with Jay, Zeb, & Jed. Jay had played before but it was very clear that Zeb, and Jed had not. We only played 9 holes and I spent most of that time teaching the boys the basics. Both of them show signs of having the ability to master the game but both need a lot more patience to do that.

After dinner Shelly, talked us into a game of dominoes which we have played with our friends back home. First round was multiples of 5 which took a long time. Second set was just matching the numbers. Still took a long time, but it was lots of fun and the evening was over before we knew it.