Dave & Dot's 25th Anniverary Tour

Week 4 - Nashville, TN

Thursday, October 25th - We "drive through" Nashville and visit the "Parthenon"?

We awoke to a wonderfully bright but blustery sunny day. We had gotten up late, did some laundry, fixed the Boyd's computer and just generally lounged around. Kathy had left around 7am to take her mother-in-law to a doctor’s appt. When she returned around 11:00am we left for Nashville for the Grand Tour!

We drove into Nashville proper and saw Music Row, the Ryman Theatre, Bicentennial Park, Kathy's Office, and several other notable Nashville sights. We stopped Bicentennial Park and visited a replica of the Parthenon. They were renovating the building as it was orginally built in 1896 for their Centennial Celebration. The first floor houses an art museum and the history of the building. The second floor houses about 40 statues and plaster poured parts of both the west & east parts of the cornice. It was quite impressive!

We also drove by the Opryland Theatre and Hotel, a very large and sprawling facility. Dot and I plan on visiting this landmark tomorrow, as Kathy and Dean both have to go to work.  We also saw the home of the Nashville Titans, the NFL team.