Dave & Dot's 25th Anniverary Tour

Week 5 - Nashville, TN to Atlanta, GA

Sunday, October 28th - The day we got to meet our favorite Gospel Choir . . .

Today was another travel day moving from Nashville, TN to Atlanta, GA.

We left the Boyd's early in the morning so that we could stop at a church we had been wanting to visit, the Christ Church in Brentwood. Their choir has produced several CD's of Praise & Worship music and our choir has sung many of them. We wanted to hear the choir in person and we were not disappointed! There was at least 50 minutes of worship during the 90 minute service. You can't help but walk out of that church feeling good and uplifted. They even produced a new CD since we had been on the road and we didn't hesitate to purchase it. And here’s the kicker . . . while browsing their book store, we found one of the CD’s our choir produced for sale here! In the words of Steve Martin in the movie, The Jerk, “we’re somebody now!”

After church, we crossed the border into Alabama and stopped in a little town called Lexington. This is where Dot's Dad was born & raised. He was the youngest of 12 and his sister Estella still lives on the same property they grew up on. The orginal house they were born in burned to the ground and they had built another one across the street. That one just got old and it was replaced several years ago by the current one where Estella now lives. We had a great visit. You can see the resemblence between Estella and Clifford (Tom) as they call him here. We were also able to meet several other family members at a small restaurant in downtown Lexington . . . a four-corner town that if you blinked you would miss it!

We also took the opportunity to visit the 3 cemeteries there and were able to find and take pictures of the stones

 of most of my wife's Mackey family. Dot's grandparents and about 4 of the 10 children were there along with some of their children. Along the route we took to get to one of the cemetery's, we stopped at a home that Dot remembers visiting in 1994 and sure enough that family still lives there. He is the son of Jesse, one of Dot's Aunts. Small towns are like that. Nobody ever leaves!

We left Lexington around 5 pm and hit the road for Atlanta. By the time we had stopped for gas and some dinner, we finally arrived at the Homestead Suites in Atlanta around 11 pm, having to move the clocks ahead 1 hour for the change from Central to Eastern Time. The day before, we had just moved the clocks back an hour to cancel daylight saving time and now we had to change it back. Does anybody really know what time it is?

It was a very long day and a very long drive.  Sleep came easy. Tomorrow we will meet more of Dot's family and visit the Coca Cola plant.