Dave & Dot's 25th Anniverary Tour

Week 5 - Atlanta, GA

Monday, October 29th - Get outta here? Really? 32 Flavors of Coke?

Got up later than usual this morning and after a stop at the library to check my emails, we went in search of gas for the vehicle and a map to get us around. You won't believe this but gas in this town is down to 99 cents!!! Only costs me a little over 16 dollars to fill up the tank on this rented SUV!

By the time we got the map and found our way to downtown Atlanta, it was already 12:30 pm and we were running out of time. We were to meet Dot's cousin, Myra Ann and her husband sometime this afternoon and haven't even seen anything in this town yet. We went to the Coca Cola Plant which is headquartered here in Atlanta (this is where it all started) and toured the museum there. It started by showing a video of how Coke was invented and how the receipe has been kept secret for all these years (over 100 yrs.) We saw all sorts of memorabilia and when the tour was over we were entertained by several of the more well known commercials from TV and a sampling of some 32 different flavors that Coke creates for other countries. I still like the Real Thing better than all the other flavors!

We toured the Underground and had a shared lunch. the Underground is a mall that is under (and over) Atlanta Street. It is pretty cool. It is designed to look just like an old subsay station. Found a Cafe du Monde there and had coffee & Beniets just like in New Orleans. Also found out The digital camera had broke. The switch to turn it on quit working. Had to buy the disposable kind so I got two of them just to make sure we had enough film. Figured out later that I had bumped it on a tombstone at one of the cemeteries in Lexington.

We finally got to Myra Ann's home around 4:15. They have a home, colonial in style but only about 25 years old. It has three levels, first floor & garage, second floor and a basement for a total of 4500 sq ft!!!!! It is awesome! They have decorated it almost entirely with antique furniture and picures of the family adorn every wall of the home. It is built in a somewhat secluded neighborhood in the woods and from just about any point you cannot see the neighbors homes. We had a wonderful conversation getting caught up on the past and present and then we went to dinner at a buffet nearby named Ryan's. There we met Myra Ann's two boys Randy & Barry, their wives, and all their children, seven in all! Barry is the one who put this all together as we had been e-mailing each other over the last several months in preparation for this trip. They have great family values and the love they have for each other really shows. The eldest grandson, Corey, is in his first year at a Christian college and hopes to be on the PGA tour one day. His brother loves to play football, two of the daughters are cheerleaders for their high schools, and the rest of the children are elementry school age.

We promised to get together again in a couple of years and next time to spend more time here seeing the sights and playing golf!!!