Dave & Dot's 25th Anniverary Tour

Week 1 - Orlando, Florida

Wednesday, October 3rd - Visit Kennedy Space Center or move to Cocoa Beach?

We have been blessed with the most wonderful & delightful weather anyone could ask for so far, and today is no exception. We left around 10:00am for the Atlantic coast and the Kennedy Space Center. It is just 90 minutes from Orlando and well worth visit and will take a full day. My advice? Absolutely include it in your plans when you visit!

We arrived around 11:30 and immediately took the bus tour which first stops at the Saturn V visitors center. While there, we saw a short film about the Apollo space program and then entered a very large, cavernous building that has, as it's center piece, a complete Saturn V rocket including capsule, moon lander, and all three stages. There is lots to see (and do) here and the visit can take an hour or more. One of the highlights is that you get to "touch" one of the actual moon rocks that were brought back during those visits.

We then saw an IMAX movie of the lunar landing by Apollo 11 and then boarded the bus and headed back to the main visitors center. Along the way we stopped at park where nearly all the different rockets used by NASA are displayed, went by the huge building where they work on attaching the shuttle to it's launch vehicle. We also were able to tour the inside (and outside) of one fo the space shuttles used for training, view the memorial for those astronauts who have died in the service of their country and see a 2nd IMAX film on space. Finally we are back at the entrance where the group was able to indulge in their favorite pasttine . . . SHOPPING!

After our visit to the Space Center, we headed down the coast to Cocoa Beach. We spent some time on the beach and though it was a pleasant day, it had gotten windy, so no one went into the water. We watched the sun set over the city and then decided to have steak dinner at a place called Durango's. I highly recommend it! Finally our last visit of the day was to a famous surf shop called Ron Jon's Surf Shop where you can get ANYTHING having to do with surfing or the ocean. It is a two story building with a huge center courtyard that has a beautiful display of all things surf. The first floor has everything you need with regards to playing in the ocean, from surfboards to diving. The second floor is devoted to clothing and is completely encircled by every t-shirt you could want, sorted by style, color, size, & picture. A very impressive display that can take an hour or more to find what you want!

We didn't make it home until nearly midnight but were heading into our next planned "off" day so many of us could sleep in . . .