Dave & Dot's 25th Anniverary Tour

Week 5 - Atlanta, GA to Charleston, SC

Tuesday, October 30th - A large stone, an old friend, and a trip to Charleston

This morning we went to visit Myra Ann's mother Dura who lives in a resident home nearby. She was married to Arthur Mackey, My wife's Dad's brother from Lexington. We had a wonderful visit and then Myra Ann gave us a tour of Stone Mountain which is five square mile park that is Georgia’s most visited attraction and home to the world’s largest piece of exposed granite, hence the name.

After stopping for lunch, and a short visit with Randy and family to see the home they had built, we left mid-afternoon and headed for Charleston, South Carolina. On our way through Augusta, GA, Dot asked if we could stop and find an old family friend, Phyllis Jackson. Her phone number was unlisted but we had her address and when we inquired for directions, found that we were less than a mile from her home. We found her with no problems and she promptly took us to dinner. Had a good time visiting with her and when we finally got on the road to Charleston, SC, it was a little past 8pm. We didn't get to our next destination until after 11pm, dog tired from another long day.  Our home for the next few days is the Best Western near historic Charleston!