Dave & Dot's 25th Anniverary Tour

Week 5 - Charleston, SC

Wednesday, October 30th - Historic Sites, a Real Plantation & another Hard Rock.

Today we spent the day in Charleston and started our tour with a private horse drawn carriage ride through the streets of historic Charleston. The ride lasted about an hour and a half and we were able to see many of the historic sites and homes in the area. We then took a walk through their flea market which was several blocks long down the middle of the street and spent a couple of hours marveling at all the stuff for sale. The most unique item were the baskets made from sweet grass by the local African American people most of Cajun decent. We bought a couple of wall hanging for ourselves.

We then stopped at Hyman's Seafood Restaurant for lunch on the advice of several of the locals. . . and we were not disappointed!!! I had a salmon steak fixed Caribbean Jerk style and Dot had the scampi. Both dishes were absolutely heavenly. I had never tasted salmon so good! The hushpuppies that were served were also unique. More than just deep-fried cornbread, these tasty morsels had a definite taste of honey and were sweet enough that you could just eat them plain, and we both ate plenty of them! Even bought a package of the mix to share with our friends back home.

We then drove along the coast headed east and stopped at the Boone Plantation for a tour of a real working 768 acre plantation. The house is not the original having burned down a couple of times and destroyed by an owner and replaced, but the grounds are much as they were even back to the early 1800's, complete with several of the slave quarters along the entry driveway. The driveway itself is lined on both sides by English oaks only two of which have been lost due to Hurricane Hugo back in 1989 but the canopy they provide along the entire length of the drive is stunning. The tour of the home itself is very short because the owner's family lives in the upstairs portion but the tour of the grounds was well worth the cost and the guide was very knowledgeable and helpful and answered all our questions.

We then decided, on the spur of the moment to drive all the way to Myrtle Beach, SC in search of the Hard Rock bear (and t-shirt). After getting lost a couple of times, we finally found it in a huge shopping plaza called Boardwalk on the Beach. However, the mall was nowhere near the beach!!! Anyway, this Hard Rock is unique as it is built in the shape of a pyramid, similar to the one in Las Vegas but much smaller (it has the light on top like in LV) and is fully lit on all four sides by bright pulsating colors to the beat of whatever song is playing outside it's walls. We got our shirt and bear and then had dinner at Landry's. We had seen quite a few of these in our travels but had never stopped to eat. The food was OK but nothing to rave about.

It being Halloween the mall was having a huge party and nearly everyone was dressed up as someone or something. I thought that the most unique costume belonged to a guy who appeared to be dressed as a Marine carrying a jail cell with Osama Bin Laden in it. Pretty cool costume! Too bad it wasn't true!

Round trip to Myrtle Beach was just over 200 miles. Another long day. Only three days to go and we are threatening to pass the 5000 mile mark on our journey around the Southeast US.