Dave & Dot's 25th Anniverary Tour

Week 1 - Orlando, Florida

Thursday, October 4th - Another day off . . .

Today is our second day off this week and it appears as if the group needs this. Lee and I arose early to play another round of golf on the Legands course but once again, we both played below our potential. Melissa was still nursing her cold an so stayed inside all day. The rest of the group went . . . wait for it . . . SHOPPING . . . landing at the Factory stores & Universal Studios City Walk. There is where I (actually Dot picked it up) got the first of many Hard Rock shirts I would acquire on this trip.

Dot and I took care of a change of plans we had with Orange Lake to secured an extra night in the condo due to 9/11. American Airlines had cancelled the planned flight home on Saturday and moved it to Sunday morning for the rest of our group and we ended up having to stay and extra night in Orlando. Orange Lake was very accomodating and was able to allow us one extra night in ONE of our condos. It meant that all 12 of us would have to live together for a night but cost was totally worth it. I think it cost everyone about $17 each for the extra night. The negative side of the added stay meant that Dot and I would have to forego our planned overnight in Talahassee (on our way to New Orleans) which meant a very long day on the road . . . about 14 hours of driving. This change in plans was better than having to rearrange our entire trip, and besides, we were only spending one night all together. Who knows . . . it might be fun!

Dot and Liz spent the afternoon swimming in one of the local pools here at Orange Lake. This one had a water slide and they had a lot of fun. Donna joined them also. When they returned to the condo they were followed by two Blue Herons that seem to be the local "pets" One had a foot missing, while the other had a well defined "limp". We found out later that Orange Lake had sort of adopted them and we were able to get some great shots of the two of them.

We joined the Orange Lake patrons for a Luau dinner but before the show would start we left in search of ice cream. Found it in a place called Old Town not too far from the entrance to Orange Lake. This is a quaint shopping village set to the earlier days. It also has an amusement park with a roller coaster, merry-go-round and such. We had our sundaes, cones and . . . dare I say it? . . . shopped again! . . . then headed for home.

Seven of us stopped and played 36 holes of golf at Orange Lakes own miniature golf course. Several holes-in-one were recorded by all but one of the group. Fun was had by all, but the "skeeters" almost go the best of us. One of the group even compared them to the size of a small bird!

Tomorrow we head back to Disney World . . .