Dave & Dot's 25th Anniverary Tour

Week 1 - Orlando, Florida

Sunday, September 30th - Our First Full Day . . .

Sunday, the beginning of a new week in a strange place and the first full day of our trip. . .

We started the day by praying and preparing ourselves for the adventures that lie ahead. We had decided prior to our trip that we would all wear the t-shirts I had designed today. They were white with an 8x10 color picture of our entire group on the front which was taken under a tree in our front yard.

Our first stop was at the House of Blues at Disney Downtown for their Gospel Brunch and it was a wonderful meal! Dot was praising the Lord for all the shrimp she could eat! Our entertainment was provided by Daniel James and the Revelation. The place seemed filled to capacity and we were treated to some good rollicking, on your feet, clap your hands gospel music. At one point during the show, our group was invited up on stage to help lead the the rest of the people in dancing, singing, and praising the Lord! It was a great way to start our day and our trip!

We arrived at MGM Studios a little after 12:00pm and proceeded to the Tower of Terror. (better than the one we have on the west coast).   We then rode the Rock 'n Rollin' Coaster and then toned down the action a bit by taking in The Great Movie Ride. We rode Star Tours and upon exiting met this young man in a wheel chair who worked at the park and loved our T-shirts.  We had a wonderful, engaging conversation which he really enjoyed and as a gesture of thanks, offered us front-row seats at the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectactular!  We followed that show up with snack, saw the afternoon parade in honor of Walt Disney's 100th birthday and then experienced the Drew Carey Sound Sensation. That was really cool!

We wandered down New York Street and took the Back Lot Tour. While waiting in line, Debbie commented on how the 's' was missing in Anniverary on our shirts and the rest of our day unraveled (in a good way) from there. The ride commentator noticed the shirts and made several humorous comments about them and the group (particularly me!) and then announced these facts to the entire tram! Had a great time on that ride!

(It should be noted here that due to the fact that Linda was using a motorized cart to help her get around due to her recent back procedures, we were able, as a group, to go the "head of the line" on every ride!)

By now we had had a really full day of fun and fellowship and went in search of food (dinner). We settled on the Prime Time 50's Cafe and after a short wait we were seated and introduced to "Topher", our server. Topher was hilarious. He had us in stitches from the time we sat down until we left the building over an hour later. No one at the table excaped his barbs, not even Liz and Mel, who he spent the evening trying to find dates for. Several in the group were complaining of sore stomach muscles from laughing so hard.

He chided us for putting our elbows on the table, talking with our mouths full, not eating our veggies. I violated all the rules, several times, and my punishment was having to get up and sing "I'm a little teapot", solo, (although the group sang along . . . thanks guy's!) with hand gestures as well. He topped that all off by inviting Dot and I up to re-live a memory of our wedding by sharing a 'piece' of cake with each other.

Well, after 25 years of marriage, and being, well, 'accomodating' during our initial ceremony, we really let each other have it with the cake! By the time we were finished, there was cake all over each of our faces, on the floor, and all over each other, (I think we got some on Topher too!) and the gang was having a wonderful laugh. In all, dinner was an 'experience' we'll not soon forget!

We ended the evening shopping for breakfast, gathered at the condo for a time to share the of our first day, each one sharing their favorite experience. Our first day was over.  We separated, each to our own rooms to prepare for our assult of EPCOT the next day!