Week 2
Maui - The Valley Isle

Maui meets all the criteria for a tropical paradise: swaying palm trees bordering perfect white-sand coves, free-falling waterfalls etching the faces of mountains, voluptuous jungles bursting with bright color and birdsong, and moonlight sparkling on the calm, turquoise seas.

Next to Waikiki, Maui is

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  • Another "Anniverary" Tour
  • Hawaii 's most popular destination, welcoming millions of people each year to its sunny shores. In fact Condè Nast Traveller has voted Maui the best island in the world, several years running!

    Maui has become the hip travel destination consisting mostly of a casual collection of small towns. Once you move beyond the resort areas, you'll find a much slower, more peaceful way of life, where care horns are used only to greet friends, posted store hours mean nothing if the surf's up, and taking time to watch the sunset is part of the daily routine.

    Warm and friendly Maui has an easy-going lifestyle that's perfect for relaxing, but the island also has an underlying energy that can nudge devout sunbathers right off the beach.  You might even be inspired to things that you might do otherwise, like rise before dawn to catch the sunrise over Haleakala Crater, then mount a bicycle and coast 37 miles down to sea level; head out to sea on a kayak t look for wintering humpback whales; or even swim in the clear pool of a waterfall.

    The island of Maui is the result of a marriage of two shield volcanoes, 10,023 foot-high Haleakala and 5,788 foot high Puu Kukui, that spilled enough lava between them to create a valley, which inspired the islands nickname, the Valley Isle.  The 727 square-mile island packs a lot of nature in and around its landscape:  two peaks more than a mile high, thousands of waterfalls, 120 miles of shoreline, and more than 80 golden-sand beaches.

    Its microclimates offer distinct variations on the tropical-island theme.  The island's as lush as an equatorial rainforest in Hana, as dry as the Arizona desert in Makena, as  hot as Mexico in Lahaina, and as cool and misty as Oregon up in Kula.  The shores of Hookipa are ideal for windsurfers, while channel breezes challenge golfers in Kapalua.

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