Our 40th "Anniverary" Trip

If you are reading this, then we have begun, are in the middle of, or have finished our latest escapade!

If you haven't followed us before than you should know that we do these trips every 5 years near our anniversary date of June 26th. We are celebrating our 40th this year. The misspelling of the word "Anniverary" came about when it was discovered that the word was spelled wrong on our 1st trip on the t-shirts we had made for our group.  We liked it, (a little embarrassed) but it was catchy, so we kept it!

So here is a quick recap . . .

Our first trip, 2001, for our 25th Anniverary, we did 5 weeks in the southeast U.S. We took our 2 oldest grandchildren and 8 of our friends to Orlando, FL and Disney World for a week and then after shipping everyone home, We rented an SUV and drove over 3000 miles and visited 13 different states over a 4 week period.

Our second trip, 2006, for our 30th Anniverary, we did 6 weeks in Hawaii, a week 5 different islands with a cruise around them all. Several of our friends joined us and we even had our family join us for the week in Oahu.

Our third trip, 2011 , for our 35th Anniverary - Part 1, was not as long as the previous two, but we managed a couple days in Seattle, WA, a week long Princes cruise to Alaska, a week in Victoria, BC and 4 days in Birch Bay, WA with a day trip to Vancover, BC.

Last year, 2015, calling this our 35th Anniverary - Part 2, we visited the northeast corner of North America, with 3 days in Boston, a week long Holland America cruise along the New England and Canada coastline, 3 days in Montreal, a train to Niagara Falls for a 2 day stay, and then 2 weeks in a car from Buffalo, NY to Baltimore, MD with stops in Almond, NY and Benton, PA for some family history discoveries, a visit with my cousin, Hershey, PA (chocolate and roller coasters) with stops in Philadelphia, PA and Washington, D.C.

Which now brings us to 2016 and our 40th Anniverary, I had planned to take Dot to Europe and cruise the Mediterranian but she wasn't on board what with all the stuff happening over there so I safely planned a trip a little closer to "home".  After a lot of deliberation, we settled on a tour of the Caribbean.  Still not our longest trip, but when it is over we will have visited 14 different islands.  How, you ask were we able to pull that off?  Just click "In The Beginning" to follow our escapades. You won't be disappointed!

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