In The Beginning . . .

A couple of years ago we were connected to a travel agent with Cruise Experts, an online agency exclusively for discounted cruises to just about anywhere.  Her name was Heather Clifton and through her we were able to secure a full passage through the Panama Canal in 2014, the same year the Canal was turning 100.

We had the most wonderful time and so when we started talking about doing the Caribbean, we contacted her.  After mulling over several options, we ended up booking not just one cruise but three, on two different cruise lines over a 4 week period.

Our goal in booking these cruises was to try and see as much of the Caribbean as possible, not duplicating any islands.  And we almost pulled it off, visiting only one island twice (the first and the last island stops) and visiting one island we had stopped at while cruising the Panama Canal (Aruba).

We then set about getting to Miami, and not wanting to have to endure a layover, we finaly decided to drive to Anaheim, stay at our condo for a couple days and then fly out of Los Angeles (LAX) direct to Miami with three days there for a little sight seeing, since we had never been to Miami.

We then had to fill in a 6 day gap between our second and third cruises and quickly settled on flying to Nassau, Bahamas, another island in the Caribbean, staying at the Atlantis Resort, a 140 acre aquatic playground on Paradise Island.

Finally, we wanted to end with a splash and so we decided that we needed to make a short stop in Key West, to kind of end it all on yet another island.

In all, we stopped at 14 different islands, all unique in their own right and yet only a fraction of the 700 islands, islets, reefs, and cays that make up the Caribbean Plate.

So, click here to join Dot and I on our journey through the Caribbean that is our "40th Anniverary Trip"