3601 Kranhold Way, Sacramento, CA 95827


We had been lighting our home for a few years, but this was the first year we completely covered it with lights.

We got the attention of our local newspaper in Nov. 2001 as part of an article on the CA. energy crisis, and also a website.


It took about 30+ hours over 3 weekends to hang all these lights and I had to trim all the shrubs before I started. I went through a box of staples, lots of nails and managed to kill a few strings each year!


In 2006 we exchanged the entire 15,000 lights for new and brighter LED's. In 2007 the Sacramento Bee did another story on energy and I got a new updated photo. Put lights on the roof for the 1st time, lining the ridge.  Total lights 16,500.


For 2009 I added a soft white LED net to line the roof to start the process that I hope will look like snow on the house.

For 2010 I added blue LED nets on top of the softwhite LED nets from last year.  Total lights 18,000.


This year a complete make-over of our yard, prompted some changes to our display. We moved the soft-white and blue net lights off the roof and laid them along the new fence to look like water and hung the dancing colored nets along the entire fence.