Who Are Dave & Dot . . . ?

Hello Again and welcome to our internet site!

We are Dave & Dot McHenry. We met at a bar (Fanny Ann's Saloon in Old Sacramento) on January 2, 1976 and were married just a short 176 days later (June 26, 1976) and we have now been married for 36 years and still live in Sacramento, CA.  I was born in West Sacramento and just moved across the river.  Dot was born in San Francisco and has lived in San Diego, Sacramento & Red Bluff before making Sacramento her permenant home with me.

We have two boys (Derek & Garrett) and they have blessed us with eight grandchildren (Melissa, Elizabeth, Ethan, Katherine, Emma, Joshua, Miranda & Vanessa).  Additionally, we have been blessed with five wonderful great-grand children (Molly, Luna, Adele, Liberty and Rosalie).

We bought our first house and moved in when we got married. We moved just 30 months later into our 2nd home and have never left. We remodeled it in 2003 and at the end of 2012 we will both be retired and ready to settle into being the best grandparents (& great-grandparents) we can be!

We hope to travel more and be able to come and go as we please. But to give us a small taste of the traveling life, we treated ourselves to a few extended trips, calling them 'Anniverary Tours' (see Our Travels) and so we are really aching to get on the road and see the rest of the US and the World, God willing!

And that is about it for now . . . Since this is a fairly new site there is not much here except our 'Anniverary Tours' but I have been learning how to work this web design stuff so you can expect a lot more additions in the future. So be sure to come back once in a while and check up on us . . . You'll be glad you did!


Dave & Dot McHenry