Our Travel Page

Hello!  We are Dave and Dot and you have finally reached our travel page.  This is our favorite site and we hope it will soon be yours also!

While we are not yet what I would call seasoned travelers, we have visited a few places, all in the USA. Last year while I was home recuperrating from surgery, I managed to find time to scan ALL the photos we had taken over 30+ years and actually get them organized. It took several weeks but out of that came the idea that maybe I could learn how to get all this stuff up on the internet, and so I begin learning HTML and started by creating my own web page.

What you are about to see is the result of several months and many, many nights of hard work and study. I am pretty proud of my work, but it stands to reason that because it is my first attempt, I fully expect to be tweaking and updating the site as I continue learning and hopefully just continue to add and make it better as I find the time.

We think this is the most exciting stop on our website (well, actually, the only so far) but like any new thing it will grow. Of significant importance here, would be our Anniverary Trips (again, our only stop so far), but future stops will be equally as important (I hope).

The one thing we hope to accomplish here is to inspire you to do something similar. We firmly believe that one week away is not a vacation. It takes at least three weeks to even begin calling it a vacation; the first week to unwind, the second week to totally enjoy yourself and the third week to prepare yourself to that return to reality. There I said it. Don't shoot me, I am just the messenger, and while you all will have your excuses for why you can only take one week off, I refuse to believe any of them. I lived in that mentality once but after finally breaking out I have had the most wonderful time of my life.

You need to do the same . . .

So enjoy your stay here and we hope it inspires you to do some traveling on your own time . . . for an extended time!